Ballistic Missile Alert Blew it

Many citizens thought that they only minutes left to live and scrambled to contact loved ones, when a false ballistic missile alert left Hawaii in a state of chaos and confusion on the morning of Jan. 13.

Various students voiced their perspective on nuclear war and what they would do if they received a missile alert.

Senior Mia James said that she’d spend her last moments reminiscing with her loved ones and relishing their presence.

“I would try to spend my last moments with my family and those I care about," James said. "I’d do my best to make sure that my loved ones know that I care about them.”

James also acknowledges the detrimental impacts that nuclear weapons can have on the surrounding habitats.

“I believe that nuclear war is very dangerous, and is not a viable option in most cases where people believe it’s necessary," James said. "It not only has the potential to kill thousands of people and creatures, but the environmental impacts are truly ghastly.

James believes that the area will go from a flourishing province to an uninhabitable wasteland.

Senior Ika Toki is opposed to the annihilation of such a large group of citizens with so much proficiency.

“My view on nuclear war is that we shouldn’t have the power to kill thousands of innocent lives with the push of a button,” Toki said.

Upperclassman Kayla Carvalho said that she’d spend her last moments letting loose and savoring everything around her.

 “If I only had minutes left to live as cliche as it sounds I would eat a bunch of junk food, play my music as loud as I wanted, play with my dogs, and talk with my family,” Carvalho said.

 Carvalho also recognizes how unwarranted nuclear war is and the extensive devastation it reaps.

 “Nuclear weapons aren’t needed because nuclear war is more of a show between countries of who has the better weapons," Carvalho said. "This will only cause more damage to their own people and nothing will be gained."

Senior Keira Thomas said that she would spend time with her family and tape a video for them to view at their discretion.

“If I thought I only had minutes left to live I would try to get to my family," Thomas said. "I would probably record a video, I’d wish my family well and tell them that I love them.”

Thomas also acknowledges the inadequate nature of using nuclear weapons as opposed to parley between nations.

“I believe nuclear war is a waste of time and materials, I don’t think that we should be using it due to the harmful effects on the planet that may result from such attacks," Tomas said. "I also don't think that we should use it unless there’s a personal attack, in which case I still think there are better options."

Thomas believes that nuclear weapons aren’t necessary to reach a desired outcome.

"I think that there are many other ways to reach agreements and to defend ourselves," Thomas said. "I also think it's wrong because a group of people shouldn't be punished for the choices of their rulers or executive people.”