From academically excelling Troopers to UTEP scholars

Money doesn't always fall from trees but in some cases it does. On Dec. 20, nineteen fortunate seniors were selected to receive academic scholarships to hometown university, UTEP.

Go Center Specialist, Carlos De La Fuente, mentioned that scholarships aren't just free money given to students who don't try, there is a lot of hard work that needs to get done in order for scholarships to be earned. Students who take the initiative to apply and turn things in on time are the ones that get these opportunities.

"We have a lot of students who think they might not qualify or that they are not good enough to compete but the reality is that everyone thinks this way," De La Fuente said.

Wanting to go in to the field of Theoretical Physics, top scholar Andrew Lawrence, who received a Presidential Scholarship for $8,000 per year, is grateful about receiving this scholarship.

"I would like to use this money to pay for the majority of my tuition and any other necessary materials to help me succeed in a post- secondary education environment," Lawrence said.

De La Fuente mentioned that the scholarships aren't just given to people that apply for them. There is a long process that they go through to select the scholars.

"Sometimes students wait till the last minute and are not able to get all required documents turned in. If students take the time to write a quality essay and fill out the application, most of the time they'll get the scholarship," De La Fuente said. "For those times that you don't you just have to keep on trying. The amount of time they put into these opportunities can really have big payouts."

Lawrence expanded on the fact that every single penny given from this scholarship was earned and never given, no matter to who apply and who gets it.

"As for my deserving, I don't believe in one's willingness to say they deserve anything. I believe someone earns what they received through the hours sacrificed,"said Lawrence.

Hard work will always pay off sooner or later.

The following is the list of students and the names of the scholarship they received from UTEP:

Lowrance, Andrew- Presidential Scholarship
 Moraveg,  Leonardo - Excellence Scholarship
Aguilar, Tiffany- Andalusite Scholarship
Del Villar Solis, Ruby- Andalusite Scholarship
Fierro, Brittney- Andalusite Scholarship
Jimenez, Noah- Andalusite Scholarship
Licon, Crystal- Andalusite Scholarship
Mendoza, Elizabeth- Andalusite Scholarship
Meraz, Andrea- Andalusite Scholarship
Ordonez, Maria-Adeliz- Andalusite Scholarship
Pallares, Edwardo- Andalusite Scholarship
Ramos, Ethan-Andalusite Scholarship
Solis, Ryan- Andalusite Scholarship
Torres, Paulina- Andalusite Scholarship
Tullius, Jacob- Andalusite Scholarship
Beltran, Aaron- Tanzanite Scholarship
Morales, Briana- Tanzanite Scholarship
Orozco, Diana- Tanzanite Scholarship
Moore, Jesus- Jaspilite Scholarship