"Lady Bird" A Bold, Heart-filled Film

"Lady Bird" directed by Gerta Gerwig is a story about teenager Christine, nicknamed Lady Bird, who is trying to figure out the relationship with her firm-minded mother Marion, as well as who she is and all life has to offer. The movie shows the transformation of Lady Bird from juvenility to becoming an adult in the real world.

The movie begins with 'Lady Bird' arguing with her mother about her goals and ambitions which causes her mother to doubt her and who she is becoming.

Lady Bird is a strong willed teen who is set on the plans she has for her life after graduation regardless of her mother and families' criticism and judgment. She encounters new people, many choices and the hardship of the relationship she has with her mother. The events and struggles that she encounters shapes her, yet does not influence her mindset to leave all she has in California to go to college in New York. This move is huge for her because her mother is trying to prevent failure but it is something that defines her boldness and courage to take on her goals.

At the beginning of the story, Marion, her mother, has little to no faith in her bold goals and in the person she is trying to become. Her father, despite her families first reaction, helps her financially and all together encourages her in her time of confusion. At first, her family all had a tendency to belittle her and make known to her that she is not as strong and capable as she thinks she is, yet in the end they learned to encourage her and her bold decision. Lady Bird proves that she is capable of far more than just conquering her goals, but also maturing into the state of adulthood as well as attempting to improve herself. In the end she is humbled and  puts all pride aside between her mother and herself after  better understanding her mother's love and protection for her in the long run of her ambitious choices.

This movie is  a compelling yet a truthful way of how one should go about  living their life regardless of others' opinions. It also shows the complicated, yet sometimes realistic relationship between a mother and daughter. Lady Bird is depicted in a way where one is able to connect with her and relate to her. She is very unpredictable and bold, so wondering what she does next will keep one on the edge of their seat. It is a heartfelt and compelling story that keeps unfolding in an unpredictable way.

"Lady Bird" in its entirety will leave you with filled hope and curiosity.