Girls' Soccer Shines in Corpus Christi.

This past week on Jan. 11-13, Eastwood girls' soccer team traveled to their yearly tournament in Corpus Christi, Texas. They outdid expectations, and became the first El Paso team to ever make the championship game.

They went 3-1 and their only loss was a 1-0 thriller to Austin High School in the championship game. They defeated Brenham High School in their first game 1-0 led by a goal from Senior striker Monett Borrego, then they beat King High School 3-0, and to advance to the championship game 6-0.

Senior Brianna Venegas felt that there was a different style to some of these out of town teams compared to the local teams they play here in El Paso.

"Teams from the tournament brought out some of our weaknesses and challenged us in different ways than teams from here," said Venegas.

Given the opportunity to travel the players feel that going to this tournament prepares them more for their district season.

Senior Briana Tellez recognizes the different style of play from other teams around Texas compared to teams locally.

"They are much less aggressive than most teams we've faced over the past few years. They play the ball a lot differently which we haven't seen before" said Tellez.

The team recognizes the the factors that they need to push them far this season. They understand that although, they finished high than any team in the tournament, that this years games are not going to be a walk through the park. They are going to have to come out and bring their 'A' game every week to avoid any upsets, and to make a successful run that everyone expects.

"In order for us do be great this season, we are going to need to have a combination of trust, perseverance, and dedication." Said senior Monett Borrego. "No game is ever going to go according to plan, and there is always going to be a new set of challenges every game, and we have to develop our trust into one another in order to overcome any adversity we encounter, and we have to just go out there and play the game we know, without having a fear of making mistakes or fear of losing and we have to go through our growing pains  in order to make it to the top."

With their second place finish the girls expect a special season with a hopeful long run through playoffs. Senior Natalia Wiest said "This is the start of something great. We have the potential to go farther than any Eastwood girls soccer team ever has, and it excites us."

They face a tough district opponent today in the El Dorado Aztecs at 7 pm in Trooper Stadium. This game is the first step in order for them to achieve the goals and high expectations they have set.