Fuel for the fire: Cross Country Closes out season with a bang

After a long season which included a district championship, a regional championship, and a bronze medal at the state meet, the cross-country team concluded their journey at the Nike Regional meet with a fifth place finish. The season was an eventful one and after the teams’ season ended on a snub the runners cant help but feel that their quest for recognition just got more fuel added to the fire.

A Promising future: Sophomores Elias Perez and Juan Olmos

For runners Juan Olmos and Elias Peres the future is bright. As their first year in varsity set them up for two more years of success and despite their experience they still outperformed many other runners with more experience. This question of experience they feel can explain some of their drawbacks and they can only look up.

“Elias and I haven’t raced at that level yet, Olmos said, “Its competitive and very aggressive. These little factors held us back. We know we can do better.”

Both runners are close friends and push each other to do their best. Perez and Olmos reflect the dynamic duo of Seniors Anthony Molina and Gabriel Armijo and try to emulate their support for each other during their own race.

“When you look at Anthony and Gabe you see them working together throughout the race”, Perez said, “But the last 800 meters are a friendly competition. It helps to know he’s there and that I’m not taking on the race by myself. I know that he’s there and we’ll keep pushing it.”

A Dynamic Duo: Seniors Gabriel Armijo and Anthony Molina going out with a bang

Molina and Armijo had a very good year, finishing first and second at district, fourth and sixth at regionals, and eighth and 15th at state, surprising their competition.

“We would’ve liked to go out with a bigger bang,” Molina said, “I saw myself behind a lot of people and with a lot of upsets. I didn’t see myself being here. I have had to face so much adversity. I had a hole in my lung at one point. I didn’t think I’d come back from that. To see two Eastwood kids finish back to back is something that doesn’t happen very often. Its honestly unbelievable.”

Armijo is also proud of his teammate, who has been by his side since middle school.

“I don’t consider Anthony my rival at all,” Armijo said, “But rather my brother that has been there since seventh grade to give me a challenge. I am extremely proud of what he’s accomplished and its been a great six years running with and against him.”

Armijo is proud of his team and is feels good to close out his four years of hard work with a state medal. 

“It feels good to go out with a state medal after all these years of hard work.” Armijo said.

 Fuel for the fire

Looking forward to next year,Perez and Olmos are more than ready to follow the example set by Armijo and Molina and to take this challenge and earn the respect the team set out for at the start of this year. 

“Next year it wont be anything new to us; we are all in the game now. They should be aware of who we are now. We’re coming.”