Chain link gallery: Art students keep tradition alive

On Wednesday Nov. 15 art students hosted a mural unveiling around Fort Eastwood. Many students, faculty and staff attending this exhibit. It was an exciting event because the pieces presented signified an old tradition from the old building. Art teacher Diane Vera presented the idea to hang murals around the fences just like the murals were painted in the main patio [near the Gum Tree] from the old building. Art students began working on their murals nine weeks prior to the showing. Each mural represents the artist for who they are and what they believe.

Senior Jazlyn Martinez's mural was inspired by the old wrestling mat room where she made many memories and accomplishments.

"In our mat room, we have a wall called the 'Wall of Champions' and that's where we put everybody who won state or runner up at state and in the middle was a big Sarge that was a wrestler," Martinez said. "With the construction, they destroyed the Sarge and the wall and that made a lot of coaches and teachers sad," Martinez said.

"So I got the idea to take a picture of it right before they closed down the mat room, sketch it out and design it my own way."

Martinez said she hopes to donate her mural to the new wrestling room.

Junior Ivy Rodriguez's piece wasn't something she had planned but the outcome came out better than she expected.

"It was really fun," Rodriguez said. "The lollipop was something I drew in my sketchbook one day and she [Vera] said we needed something quick so I thought of my lollipop and just added the lips."

Rodriguez's mural took two weeks to create with a lot of effort and time.

Vera said she was pleased with how well the murals turned out and how the students worked together to build each other up.

"Preparing for this was a lot of fun and a lot of work, but my students came together as a team so not one person was overloaded," Vera said. "We all contributed to make it successful."

These students and other artists who participated were able to create their murals with the help of  H&M, supplying the art department with most of their supplies, alumni, teachers and students. Some students created these murals while some helped with preparing the colors for the other artists in Vera's class.

Vera was inspired by artists in Philadelphia to have students paint on canvases for this particular situation where walls on Fort Eastwood are temporary. The murals are flexible and portable, so as the construction progresses, they can be moved as necessary.