Orchestra qualifies eleven to All-Region; Heaton to State Round

On Oct. 14, Orchestra students competed at Del Valle High School for the All-Region Annual competition. A total of 15 students competed, eight of whom were upperclassmen and seven were freshmen.

All-Region is a city wide competition where schools send their three orchestras which are symphonies, string, and freshmen group.

The following students qualified for the All-Region Orchestra:
Ruby Del Villar
Anthony Denning
Kelly Elliott
Anahi Ramirez
Victoria Alarcon
Tess Covey
Cecilia Dominguez
Rebecca Samaniego
Isaiah Herrera
Shipley Pennison
Cory Heaton qualified for the State Round.

Senior Cecilia Dominguez said auditioning a solo piece face-to-face with the judges is the most intimidating thing about competing.

“It’s scary to audition especially hearing others play the same thing you are," Dominguez said. "It can be nerve-racking hearing people that are better or worse than you.”

Dominguez said there is much prioritizing and practicing before competition.

Senior Victoria Alarcon said that going though all the stress prior to competition is worth it after earning a good chair in orchestra.

“It’s very nerve-racking and stressful," Alarcon said. "Even when others play you, can’t help but to compare how you sound all together to them.” 

Though auditioning was intense and challenging, the hard work definitely paid off for these students regardless if they made it or not.

Orchestra teacher Julia Gutierrez takes pride in her students hard work no matter what their outcome was.

”I’m very proud of all the kids," Guttierez said. "It takes a lot of guts and it is super nerve-racking, but they pulled through and summoned up the courage."

Gutierrez said it was a great experience for all her students and they are all excited for what's to come.