Robotics Hosts Girl Powered Event Encouraging Young Girls To Join STEM

On Oct. 12, the robotics team hosted the Girl Powered robotics event. The event was held in our own Bob Lesly gym with over 500 girls from all over El Paso. These girls spent the day participating in STEM and robotics related activities such as building, driving, and programming a small robot, web designing, and so much more.

The event was held to encourage young girls to participate more in the male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  Junior Kaitlyn Deguire, who volunteered at the event believes they exceeded their expectations.

“It is important to show these girls the wonders, opportunities, and challenges in the engineering world. As a girl growing up in this world you tend to believe that men are the only ones that can actually accomplish something, but that is completely false. That’s why I believe very strongly that we should be hosting more events like Girl Powered to inspire girls to reach their full potential whether it be in the STEM field or an other profession.” Deguire said.

Raul Torres Santos, the robotics teacher, believes it is important to hold events like these to show others in and outside of El Paso that girls also have the opportunity and ability to excel in STEM and robotics.

“I had enough girls to make an all-girl team, and when we went to worlds to compete. I realized there aren’t as many girls competing in robotics as males, so that helped to inspire me to want to host this year's Girl Powered. ” said Torres

Girl Powered t-shirt-$10 see Mr. Torres in portable 705

The event organizers had many goals in mind when they started planning the event in September. One of those goals being to ensure that every girl in attendance received a Girl Empowered t-shirt that represents the impact a woman can have in the STEM field.

To assist in completing this goal these limited edition shirts can be purchased for $10 from any of the Robotics team members.