Troopers welcome Jennifer Rodgers to the neighborhood as a the new head basketball coach

With the departure of longtime coach Endi Vargas last year, the head coaching position for the Lady Troopers basketball team was left vacant. It wasn’t long before Jennifer Rodgers from Dumas, Texas answered the call and took over the position. With the season right around the corner, Rodgers feels nothing but positive energy heading into what appears to be a promising season.

Rodgers has only ever been on two campuses and after having been given some time to settle in at the “home of El Paso’s finest,” she feels very welcome and loves the community atmosphere of the school.

“I’ve been on two different campuses and this is a different atmosphere; it's more of a family here,” Rodgers said, “Everyone supports everybody and I don’t feel like a stranger here. I feel like I’ve been here the whole time.”

Rodgers recognizes that, like every program, the team has things to work out. But it seems as if a bright season is in store for the Troopers. With nine seniors and many talented girls, Rodgers feels as if the team overall is going to enjoy a lot of success.

“I feel great we still have a lot to work on like any other team in the season,” Rodger said, “I feel really confident. There is a lot of success coming our way.”

Taking over for coach Vargas, a very respected coach in both the city and the state was a “nerve-wracking” experience for Rodgers, but she was up to the challenge and wants to make the community and Vargas proud.

“It’s always intimidating when you step in behind someone who did an amazing job,” Rodgers said, “It’s a little nerve-racking but I’m up for the challenge and I hope to make her and the community proud.”

Despite recent questions of “School spirit” in and around the Fort, Rodgers is ready for big turnouts and lots of energy at the games. She also looks forward to actively being involved with the Trooper community that welcomed her. Behind all this support Rodgers predicts being one of the best teams in the district and doing very well in the playoffs.

“I would like to think that we’ll get a lot of support,” Rodger said, “I’m all about community support and doing things with the community. I would like to think that we're going to be putting ourselves out there and make people want to support us. I see us as being one of the top teams in the district hands down. I see us making the playoffs and being very successful. Knowing who is in our area and region I think we can be very competitive with them. It’s about putting it all together and making it happen.”

Rodgers is ready for the season and can’t wait to show what her girls have been working hard at all summer since she arrived.

“These girls work hard,” Rodgers said, “They play all summer long. They’ve put in the work to be successful, and I hope people come out and see that and respect that. I want people to come out and believe in our program. If you are there, let us know-- we want to know. You don’t have to be on our bench or on our court; we want to be a part of your world and bring you into ours.”

Hopefully, the lady Troopers can shine on and make the school proud under this new coach. Things are already looking up for the Troopers as they won their first game of the season against Clint High in a dominant fashion, 63-28.