"Girl In Pieces" A Heartbreaking Debut Novel

“Girl in Pieces” by Kathleen Glasgow is a heartbreaking yet hopeful story about 17-year-old Charlie Davis, a girl who almost dies after years of self-harm, abuse, and living on the streets. Geared towards adolescents, Glasgow’s debut novel brings awareness to the causes and effects of self-harm which she has experienced firsthand.

The story has a dull beginning with Charlie waking up in St. Paul’s Psychiatric Facility after almost dying from blood loss in a drug house.

“I was wrapped in a bed sheet and left on the lawn of Regions Hospital, in the freezing sleet and snow, blood seeping through the flowered sheet.” Charlie says, as she recalls the traumatic experience. 

Charlie is forced to leave after prolonging her medical stay at St. Paul's. With no place to go, she gets on a bus from Minneapolis to Tucson Arizona, in hopes of finding shelter with an old friend. It is there in Tucson where she finds herself a job washing dishes at a coffeehouse and becomes involved in a complicated relationship with a semi-famous artist who has problems of his own.

This novel has a slow and uneventful beginning but then turns into a page-turner after events begin to unfold. Written in short journal chapters, this novel gives the reader a close connection to the main character as they are reading into the pages of her life. As one reads through Charlie's journey, the other characters develop into diverse and interesting individuals who add depth and excitement to the story. 

“Girl in Pieces” will leave you with a bittersweet feeling of hope and excitement.