"Our Journey has just begun" Cross country sweeps districts: Girls

The cross-country teams competed at the district meet on Oct 12. The boys and girls came into the race with the goal of winning, but for two distinct reasons. The boy's team competed to earn recognition and prove they were a team to be watched while the girl's team told a story of redemption after last season’s challenges. Senior  captain Anthony Molina unintentionally stated they were the 2017-2018 district champions when he meant to say, captains, early in the year at a pep rally; little did he know it wasn’t a mistake but rather an inevitability.

The girls' cross country team faced challenges last year. Last year's team wasn’t very connected and ran for themselves rather than for each other. This year the team is a complete opposite, united and committed to the team's success. Senior co-captain Emily Cruncelton said that this change from last year aided the team in reclaiming their district title. 

“It feels amazing because the team last year was never as close as the team this year,” Cruncleton said, “By having the same goal and being positive and pushing one another to our limits it made us do something we thought was impossible.”

The team took this new positive mindset and ran with it. Going into districts they knew they had good chances despite that the race was still a tense and heated one. They decided to focus on each other more than their chances believing this would calm their nerves and produce positive results. Senior co-captain Francis Hernandez knew her teammates were running hard and for one another and used it as motivation.

“We’d been doing great all season and our average team time was faster than a lot of other schools that we were going to be racing against at districts, so we knew going in that we were going to do good going into the race,” Henandez said, “although we try not to concentrate on it so much, just so we avoid getting nervous before the race or anything. We knew each and every person on the team  would be running as hard as  they could and I mean we all love each other and work hard because we know that person running next to us is giving it their all and we can only do the same for them.”

Running as a team has had a positive effect on the new varsity members of the team as well. The new girls love the atmosphere created and also believed it played into effect with their win. Sophmore Meadow Ortiz said that it is huge reasons behind their success.

“I think we are doing so good is because we are positive with one another and during the races, we’re motivating each other,” Ortiz said.

The team feels very good about reclaiming the title and knows they can do great things at regionals and state. This young team which half of is sophomores hopes for the best moving forward and wants to continue their success and traditions passed onto them by the seniors. It’s the start of something great in sophomore Destiny Hernandez’s eyes.

For us as sophomores, this is the beginning of something great. In the summer with all the team bonding and us getting close, that's when we all started to see that we are capable of many things. I think with all the positivity we have we had done great things this year, and I'm really proud of my girls.”

Regionals is on Monday, Oct 23, 2017, and the girls hope to use their all-for-one, one-for-all attitude to pull out another win. They believe that anything is possible.