Las Vegas mass shooting leaves America shaken

On October 1, a Sunday night, tragedy struck the Route 91 music festival held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Domestic terrorist, Stephen Paddock , began shooting at concert-goers from his Mandalay Bay hotel room towards the end of the concert. Popular country singer, Jason Aldean , was in the midst of his performance when Paddock started firing at the crowd. Paddock’s motives are still unclear. Though ISIS claimed responsibility for attack, there was no evidence to prove this. Investigators are unsure of any political or religious motive. Paddock alone was in possession of almost two dozen firearms.

These mass shootings strike fear into the hearts of people performing at or attending events anywhere.

Sydnee Cortes, a member of the school’s choir, is concerned about the attacks and how it could affect herself or her loved ones.

“I am slightly worried that something like Las Vegas shooting could happen here in El Paso," Cortes said. "No one really expects something like that to happen in there hometown so I believe that it can definitely happen anywhere.”

With the amount of fatalities, the attack on Las Vegas concert-goers is now the largest mass shooting in modern United States history. Nine months into the year, the Las Vegas shooting was 273rd mass shooting to happen this year in America alone, according to the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive. Seeing as how it was not an isolated incident, the shooting has brought up the controversial issue of stricter gun control.

Armando Valdez, a security guard at school, has a strong belief in gun control. 

“Stricter gun control should definitely be implemented,” Valdez said.

Valdez also believes the screening process should be more thorough with a waiting process and stricter regulations.

“Tighter security around concerts and events might also help to prevent situations like these," he said. 

With situations like these, it is important to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings when out in public. 

Eastwood Sabre offers its condolences to all the family members and friends of those who lost their lives or were injured lost in the Las Vegas attack.