Trooper family suffers through loss of Ms. Heidi Juszkiewicz

The heart of Eastwood has been wounded by the passing of former principals' secretary, Heidi Juszkiewicz . Ms. Heidi was a sincere woman who was enthusiastic about her job and passionate for those who surrounded her. Faculty and staff members shared their memories of her as a pinnacle of compassion and kindness.

Calculus teacher Selena Granados and her family encountered this kindheartedness firsthand.

"Heidi was always the person who knew it all,” Granados said. “If you needed anything she was always willing to help with a smile. Heidi knew my family and I loved the way she treated my parents, always with such grace and kindness."

Geometry teacher Dana Molden said Ms. Juszkiewicz would always demonstrate a cheerful attitude and positive mindset.

"I always enjoyed the warm, welcoming greeting Heidi always gave to everyone that she came in contact with,” Molden said. “I would call her extension just to hear her smile through the phone whenever I was having a bad day.  She was a true light and a blessing in my life.  I love and miss her dearly."   

“I remember Heidi being very warm and welcoming when I first arrived at Eastwood and that never wavered throughout the years,” Felicia Paquian said. “I will miss her hugs and the funny emails we would send to one another. She left an incredible mark and when I think of her I will smile.”

"We became friends almost instantly, sharing stories about our children," Endi Vargas said. "Her eyes would sparkle and her smile brighten as she talked about them and her parents."

Assistant Principal Nina Price remembers Ms. Heidi's love for her dog much the same as her love for people.

"I remember how excited Heidi was when her dog Lizzy was born," Price said. "You would have thought Lizzy was a new born baby coming home for the first time.  She also had a million pictures and loved when Lizzy would swim in the pool with her."

“Ten years ago when I walked into this building, Heidi’s smiling face greeted me,” budget clerk Liz Arellano said. "Over the years, we became more than co-workers; we were friends.  We’d talk about our families and all the things we did over the weekends, holidays and vacation.  I learned many things from Heidi, but the most important thing she taught me is that life is too short to worry about the little things.  She always told me that we needed to make the best of whatever life threw at us.  Life can be unfair sometimes and she always managed to work through her own personal problems with a smile on her face even though it wasn’t easy. I still can’t believe she’s gone.  It doesn’t feel real.  Anyone that knew Heidi knows how much she loved the beach. I know that she is on a beach somewhere listening to country music and enjoying the salty air.  Heidi, rest in peace my friend. You’ll forever be a part of the Trooper Family.”

Although it’s been difficult trying to comprehend the amount of loss the Trooper community has endured, Heidi Juszkiewicz will live on through the positivity she spread wherever she went.