Chalk the Block's 10th annual celebration

In downtown El Paso, Chalk the Block has achieved much attention over the past 10 years. Artists from all over town joined together the weekend of Oct. 6 through Oct. 8. The days were filled with performances, food trucks, laughter, and fun.

An art enthusiast from New York, Scott Cohen, visited Eastwood art classes on Wednesday Oct. 4. He discussed one of his creations, The Life Cube Project, which consists of a collection of murals. It includes people's dreams and goals written on tags.  The first installation took place in 2011 in Black Rock City, (Burning Man) Nevada. The Life Cube has been created in seven different cities since then.

Cohen said the thought of  The Life Cube Project took over his mind after he had attended a Burning Man festival. Since then, he has envisioned art in another way.

Cohen in front of the El Paso Life Cube with two street artists.

"The Life Cube Project was inspired by me going to to a festival in 2003," Cohen said. "I saw art in a different way and wrote down that someday I wanted to come back and create art on a belief I've had since I was a teenager."

Cohen said that he believes if you write down your goals, dreams, wishes, and aspirations the chance of them happening is so much higher.

Cohen enjoyed Chalk the Block in El Paso and admired the city's Art and Cultural Departments.

He said the city held strong diversity at the event which also made the Life Cube successful among the public.

"I thought El Paso was awesome," Cohen said. "The Arts and Cultural Department is a real treasure of hardworking and passionate people."

Cohen enjoyed seeing his art come to life at this huge border city event dedicated to his passion.

"We loved the cultural, ethnic, economic diversity that attended Chalk the Block," Cohen said. "It gave us the opportunity to experience how over 40,000 people interacted with the Life Cube in El Paso."

Senior Sofia Teran participated in the Life Cube project by painting her cat that recently passed away on a piece of canvas.

"Chalk the Block was really fun," Teran said. "To be honest, drawing for the Cube was fun. I didn't get to see it on the Cube but I felt it."

Drawing created by Sofia Teran before watercolor.

Teran looked up to Cohen's presentation and was amazed by his knowledge.

"I was truly inspired that they could make stuff like that," Teran said. "Its awesome, that's [Cohen] a true artist. It's all in the mind."

Senior Hazel De La Torre said that this year's Chalk the Block was different compared to the other years due to the price of souvenirs increasing and the amount of people along with art that was there.

"The turnout this year was great, there were a lot more people and a lot more artwork," De La Torre said. "Overall I thought Chalk the Block was super cool."

De La Torre recalled her favorite thing about Chalk the Block.

"The most memorable thing was the chalk on the cars and the bacon cheese fries from Sgt. Cheddar's," De La Torre said.