Hurricane Harvey victims receive helping hand from YISD, partners

Hurricane Harvey made his first appearance on August 27, closely followed by Irma, Katia, Jose, and Maria. With hundreds of thousands of people affected after landfall in Florida, the victims could use all the help they could get. In partnership with the American Red Cross, YISD held a “Jeans For Texans” Fundraiser. Eastwood High School alone raised more than $350. This money has gone into providing shelter to those who had to evacuate from their own homes.

Araceli Arellano, the business clerk in charge of collecting the donations, was pleased and proud to see troopers be so generous.

“It was so nice to see our Trooper nation come together and make their donations to help the victims of hurricane Harvey” Arellano said.

Ashley Oropeza, student activities director at Eastwood, took in donations of backpacks filled with school supplies for those who not only had damage to their homes, but to their possessions and schools. At least 200 Houston schools faced damage from the storm.  Student Council brought in 115 backpacks filled with school supplies that will be donated to Hardin Jefferson High School, located east of Houston in Sour Lake, Texas.

While the Gulf coast was still reeling from Harvey's flooding, Hurricane Irma caused major damage in Florida, Hurricane Katia made conditions in Mexico even worse after a large earthquake occurred. Luckily Hurricane Jose stayed clear of land but Hurricane Maria seems to be following the path of Irma and will likely strike the Caribbean islands. With all going on, there are endless opportunities to donate or volunteer to local or national organizations and charities to do all possible to help the victims of theses Hurricanes.