Gymnastics take on districts and moves towards Regionals

With spring break coming to an end, an opportunity for triumph arose for the gymnastics teams as they prepared for their district competition. On March 21 and 22, Bel Air High School, Hanks High School, and Lubbock High School traveled to the district meet held in the Bob Lesley gym to compete against the Trooper gymnastics teams. Trooper boys finished both meets in second place, and the girls' team took first place both days.

As a result of Tuesday's meet, the boys' team placed second with a score of 154.1. Lubbock received first place with a score of 157.9, Hanks placed third with their score of 95.7, and Bel Air came in fourth with 84.6 points. On the same day, the girls' team placed first with a score of 112.2, Bel Air followed with 106.95 points, Hanks received third with 104.3 points, and Lubbock finished in fourth with 30.7 as their final score for the day.

On Wednesday's meet, Lubbock's boys' Gymnastics team remained in first place with the score of 146.1 , the Troopers followed in second with 135.4 points, Hanks came in third with the score of 96.8, and Bel Air held fourth with 81.0 points. The Trooper girls' gymnastics team won first place with 107.45 points, Bel Air ranked second with a score of 98.3, Hanks received third place with 98.05 points, and Lubbock came in last with 29.9 points.

Coach Christian Carrasco said that he thinks the meet was a success because of score the girls received, and that he wants that same effort to continue at Regionals. He also acknowledged how well prepared Lubbock High School preformed.

"I think districts went very well, the girls got the highest score they've ever gotten," Carrasco said. "They hit 219 so that's a qualifying score so that's really good. I hope to repeat the same number at Regionals and place so hopefully we can make it to state. The guys' side was tough, we knew that Lubbock was coming in strong. They cleared up a massive number."

Junior Erin Lowenberg saidthat she is excited to start working towards state, and that she is confident in her team's ability.

"I'm really excited because I know we are going to do great, we have state in our hands," Lowenberg said. "My main goal is to get the team to state, we haven't accomplished it yet but I have a really good feeling we will."

Boys' Gymnastics place 2nd place among Lubbock and Bel Air

Boys' Gymnastics place 2nd place among Lubbock and Bel Air

Junior Jesus Alex Moore said that he is ready but a bit nervous for Regionals because of it's implications for state, but that he felt Regionals has provided him with a newfound sense of motivation.

"I'm excited but I'm a little worried," Moore said. "I feel like I have a slight opportunity to make it to state, except one mistake can completely ruin my chances by decimals. Districts was better than the past other meets because it really inspired me to do my best at Regionals. I had some certain skill goals, and I think I achieved them. I think I could've done better. You live and you learn."

Senior Brandon Berry said that he has high hopes about making it to state, and that he's glad that he gets to finish out his last competition season with his childhood friend.

"I'm super excited, it's my last year, senior year," Berry said. "I'm pretty sure we have a good change to making it to state as a team so that's super exciting. Districts was fun, it was really enjoyable. I get to compete with Alec for one more year. We've been competing  together since we were about 5."

On Friday April 7, the two teams will travel to Odessa, TX to compete against Odessa High School, Permian High , San Angelo, Abeline Cooper and Abeline High at Permian High School for Regionals.