Scholastic book fair brings more students to library

Throughout the week of Feb. 27- March 3, the library held a Scholastic Book Fair that was open to both students and staff. The genres of books displayed in the book fair were Historical Fiction, Romance, Biographies, Science Fiction, Mystery and staff picks.

Librarian Mary Trousdale said that the library staff wanted to continue the tradition of bringing the book fair around, and that she is satisfied with how the event turned out.

"I think Ms. Sanchez, the librarian previous to me, would bring the book fair before, so we decided to continue the tradition," Trousdale said. "It's going well, we've been doing well in sales. Students are coming to purchase books and other stationary items."

Library Club member and junior Desarae Nuñez said she was interested in seeing everyone's taste in literature throughout the event.

"I really enjoyed being around all the books and seeing everyone's different interests and what they like," Nuñez said. "It's fascinating to see what people tend to go towards. Some people come and go towards the Sci-fi and you have other people that come directly to anime or to romance. It's really cool to see everything just fall into place."

Trousdale said that her main goal is to get students to read and to explore the books.

"My biggest thing is to get students to read for recreational purposes, so I think the books being available to them is a good way of motivating them," Trousdale said. "Having the books displayed and allowing the students to touch them and take a look a them, it's kind of like a book store. I'm glad that it's here."

Library Club President and senior Susan Moore said that the book fair is important because it reminds students that there is a library to go to, and that the attention the library receives during the fair is great.

"The idea of buying stuff and owning stuff is more appealing than just coming into the school library," Moore said. "I feel sometimes that people don't want to learn and the library is associated with learning, but a book fair is different, there's things that people will enjoy."

Junior Daniel Anselman said that the book fair carried different types of works and that he felt that it was well thought out.

"I think this book fair was a good experience for people because it had a wide variety of books like murder mysteries, romance and comic books," Anselman said. "The community was great and very organized."

A competition among teachers was included in the book fair as well. When students purchased a book they were asked to whom they want the credit of the book to go and the teacher who was presented with the most credit would receive $150 worth of books for their classroom.

English IV teacher Irma Quaney won this competition and earned the reward. Quaney said that she is happy to see the continuation of the book fair and was pleased to have won.

"I'm glad that I see a lot of students taking advantage and buying books and reading," Quaney said. "I'm excited that I won because I was able to purchase a lot of books and give them away to my students."

The annual book fair will continue to be a tradition that is highly valued by library staff and students for years to come.