Students Perform For The Board Of Trustees

On Jan. 18 sophomores Joshua Muñoz, Isaiah Sanchez, Ethan Voight, and Larry Rodriguez-Shea played in a quartet at a YISD board meeting held to honor various board members.

The quartet was under the direction of Head Orchestra Director Julia Gutierrez, who said that she was happy with well the performance went.

“I knew they’d be able to rise to the occasion and I’m proud of them,” Gutierrez said.

Munoz said that he thought the performance had gone better than expected, and that he was pleased with how the quartet had been able to come together.

“I think we as a group are better for the experience,” Muñoz said, "Having to put together a quality program in only a few days is a helpful experience for our musical careers in the future. Overall, I would rate the performance as a success. Our audience seemed to enjoy it and even came to express their thanks after the performance”

President of the Board of Trustees Shane Haggerty  was surprised to see Munoz at the event and felt very pleased to see him and the other members of the quartet. He also felt pride in seeing the talent that the district offers through its teachers and students. The entire board deeply appreciated the performance put on by the students.

“Speaking for both myself and the entire Board of Trustees, we are very proud of all our student performers, and we were delighted to have had the Eastwood High School string quartet perform at the Board Recognition Reception," Haggerty said. "Josh [Muñoz] and his classmates expertly represented the amazingly gifted students we have all across the Ysleta school district, and their superb performance also spoke volumes about the quality instruction provided by our teachers. It is always a thrill when we have the opportunity to showcase the immense talents of students such as those in the Eastwood orchestra, and our entire community is elevated by their contributions.”

Voight said that the performance left him with a sense of achievement, and that it had boosted his confidence as a player.

“It made me feel very accomplished,” Voight said, “Like I had finally made it big and I could consider myself a good player.”