I would've told my freshman self that...

Nearly at the finish line of high school, seniors often look back and think, "What would I have done differently if I could relive all of it?"

High school is each individual's quest for maturity. Although high school provides an experience like no other, there will always be things you could've done differently as you look back at your underclassmen years.

Senior Dehrejan Dickerson said that he had no idea what to expect as a freshman.

"My fourteen-year-old self had no clue what high school would be like," Dickerson said. "I did not expect all the trials and tribulations to come."

Senior Mia Cueto said that she wishes she'd taken more opportunities to push herself.

"I would have told myself that these four years do not define the rest of my life," Cueto said. "I never really challenged myself in high school, starting off with not taking AP English."

Senior Julia Valles said that she thinks interacting with the class and teachers should have been a goal she had set for herself.

"I would tell myself that it is okay to be yourself and that because of that more opportunities would be opened to me," Valles said. "I would have wanted  to build good relationships with my teachers instead of being that one student that just sits and does her work but doesn't participate unless they ask her to."

Valles also would have liked to have known that failure is not the end of the world.

"Failure is not as bad as people make it out to be, if you encounter failure there is always a way to fix it and become successful," Valles said. "I would tell myself that high school is not as scary as people make it seem and in these four years you find who you really are."

Senior Noah Salcido has seen high school as a learning experience.

"I would personally not change a thing, the reason being that everything I've been through in my life has sculpted me into the person I am today," Salcido said. "All the ups and all the downs have just made me a stronger person. If I hadn't gone through any of the things I've gone through, I wouldn't have learned anything. The obstacles a person faces today determine who they are tomorrow. You can either learn from it and become a better person, or not learn and continue to make the same mistakes."

Junior Zoe Rodriguez regrets not challenging herself enough.

"I am very regretful of my lack of work ethic freshman year," Rodriguez said. "I didn't realize how important my grades were. I didn't see how easy it would've been to achieve my goals. Now I am dealing with the mistakes I made my freshman year. If I could talk to my fourteen-year-old self I would be telling her that doing well in all my classes is crucial. School should have came as my number one priority."

Aguilar also would have told herself that she should work hard on her academics.

"I have learned that one should not procrastinate and actually focus in every class, even electives," Aguilar said. "I would tell my freshman self to focus on work and try my best in AP classes instead of dropping the class."

Academics, however, are not the things that Aguilar would try to improve about her freshman self.

"I would also tell myself to make tons of friends and not be shy," Aguilar said. "I could've been more social and had a nicer high school experience."

Junior Desirae Villanueva believes high school is about finding who you are, despite what others think.

"I would say not to worry about what other people think," Villanueva said. "My fourteen-year-old self was so concerned on what was 'cool' that I didn't do nearly all the things I should've done. I was also so afraid of what people might of thought of me. I had come to realization later on that it didn't matter. If I were able to go back in time and give myself this advice, I wouldn't have been so scared and introverted my freshman year."

Senior Onassis Venegas believes that these four years were all building up to college, and that the preparation is vital.

"Senior me would have told myself to focus on my grades and do every single assignment to the best of my abilities," Venegas said. "This is because you realize sooner or later you will need to go to college in order to be successful in life. In order to acquire that, you will need good grades in order to get in to a good college, hopefully on a full scholarship."

Senior Ariadna Perez said that she wishes she could tell herself to stay away from negative influences, and make the best of her experience.

"Don't get into something that will cause you harm," Perez said. "Don't stay for people who are bad influences on you. Last but not least, make beautiful memories because those are the ones you'll always end up reminiscing."