Troopers spring over local Texas High-schools

After the Christmas break, the Trooper Gymnastics' team traveled to Central Texas to compete against Round Rock High School in a dual meet on Jan. 18. Eastwood's boys ended with a victory and a team score of 132 while Round Rock's boys finished with 130.4. Eastwood's girls gymnastics also ended in triumph with a team score of 103.85 and Round Rock's girls had a score of 102.7

On  Friday Jan. 20, Hanks and Bel Air made their way to Eastwood High school to participate in a meet. Eastwood's boys won first place at this meet with the score of 150.4. Hanks, who received second, carried a score of 109.1 and Bel Air scored 76.7.  The Lady Troopers accomplished second place with 108.5, following Bel Air that reached first with the team score of 108.6 and Hanks in third with 100.

At the most recent meet that was held at Bel Air High school on Thursday Jan. 25, Eastwood's boys gymnastics achieved first place with an overall score of 134.4, the Knights were able to score 99.88 and the Highlanders finished in third place with 69.9. The Eastwood's girl gymnastics were able to roll out in third place with a score of 84.8, Bel Air won overall with a team score of 94.7 and Hanks following with 85.7 in second place.

Coach Christian Carrasco said that he hopes to take both teams as far as he can this year.

"There's two different goals, one is to qualify both teams to Regionals and qualify as many as we can to State," Carrasco said. "There is great potential that the girls can qualify as a team to State. I'm hoping that the guys will get there as well, we got to get some more points here and there but it's very possible that we can take both teams to state."

Junior Elijah Rivas said he and his team just need to work harder than ever to make State.

"We feel pretty good and confident," Rivas said. "We have a pretty good chance at Regionals, and State is there but we have to work our butts off."

Senior Alec Lozano said that he's confident that his team has what it takes to advance.

"I really want the entire team and I to go to state, we are all progressing and it's a good flow that we all have," Lozano said.

Carrasco said that the teams are doing good so far, but that there's still a long way to go to state.

"We are so far so good, we got to improve the time and use these meets as practice, that's what I keep telling my team all the time," Carrasco said. "It's just getting better everyday and every Friday, feeling comfortable with your teams and knowing you did the best you could every time you finish a routine."

The next local high school gymnastics meet will be at Hanks High school on Friday Feb. 3.  Coach Carrrasco is trying to arrange A "Flip for a Cure" pink out assembly to be held on Tuesday Feb. 10 for the meet at Eastwood.