Girls' Basketball Fights Through the Season

The varsity girls' basketball team is striving to win the next few games after their loss against Pebble Hills High School, on Tuesday Jan. 31. Senior Kiana Garcia said that the team works well together, but that the players need to work on their skills as an individual.

"There are things I need to work on, like my skills," Garcia said. "As far as a team, there's not much to improve on, we're strong and we work well together on the court."

Senior Alexa Hidalgo said that practices consists of improving working on their skills and communication.

"It helps a lot to work on ourselves and things we need to fix, and also the communication is important to work on," Hidalgo said.

Junior Miranda Vega said that the team this year has improved immensely and works well all together.

"This year we have a much better team, we get along super well and have really bonded with one another," Vega said.

Vega said that she see's a lot of potential in the team, especially if they improve on their ability to play the entire game through.

"One thing I think the team should really work on would be playing all four quarters," Vega said, "If were to play a full game with our full potential, we'd play a lot better and have better results."

Vega said that Head Couch Endi Varags is the best there is, and that the team does beer because of her.

"Coach Vargas is really good at what she does, she studies the film from the other teams to figure out their strengths and weaknesses," Vega said. "She makes us a stronger team."

The next game is this Friday, February 3, against Socorro High School.