Boys Soccer pushes through the season

Boys varsity soccer holds a record of 7-4, and 1-1 in the district. They have lost against Horizon, Pebble Hills, Franklin, and last night, Jan. 31, against Coronado.  Senior Luis Iniguez said that the team has done well so far, but that there are some areas that could still use some work.

"We need to improve with our attacking skills, but other than that, everything we've been doing has worked out," Iniguez said.

Iniguez said that the team always tries to play with optimism, and focused on winning.

"With every game, we go in with a positive attitude," Iniguez said.  "We go in wanting to win and with confidence."

Senior Brandon Cataldi said that the team always strives to work together, and improve as a team.

"We have learned to grow together and work on things we all need help in," Cataldi said. "We deal with wins and losses together and each one of us contributes to the team one way or another."

Cataldi said that he feels like the expectations are set high for this years team, and that he hopes he and his teammates are able to go further than ever.

"This year is a tough year, just because we've been considered the underdogs of Eastwood," Cataldi said. "We went far last year and the year before, so there's a lot of pressure to do well this year and meet up to last year's record."

Iniguez said that attitude is key to winning and coming out on top.

"Our attitudes are everything throughout a game, whether we win or lose, we always have to keep our heads up," Iniguez said.

Their next game is against February 3 against Americas High School.