Troopers fall in love with reading on a Blind Date with a Book

Upon entering the Eastwood library in late January to early February, one might see books wrapped in construction paper with small descriptions taped to the covers. This is all part of the library's Valentines Day promotion: Blind Date with a Book. From January 17 to February 10, all students are encouraged to come to the library, check out a mystery book, read it, and write a review on an online forum. All students who participate in the event are entered in a drawing to win a gift card to a local El Paso restaurant.

Librarian Mary Trousdale said that the competition isn't about the drawing itself but the interest in reading it sparks.

"It's not so much a contest it's more of a way to encourage students to commit to a book," Trousdale said. "It's another way to get students to read because reading is very important."

Trousdale said that ultimate goal of the project is to not only reward students for reading, but to encourage students to read more.

"The goal of the project is to motivate students to read in hopes that they like it," Trousdae said. "Hopefully this will reward them for reading and motivate them to continue to do it in the future."

This is the second year the library is hosting the event and many winners from last year are coming forward to promote it. Junior Paulina Torres who won a gift card last year said that she would definitely suggest the event t other students.

"I would recommend Blind Date with a Book because you get to experience a new book and the prizes are really cool," Torres said.

Blind Date with a Book will continue through February 10th, and all students are encouraged to participate.