Students Travel Abroad

Picturing the intricate Baroque architecture of the Vatican, the Renaissance paintings of Florence and the medieval alleys of Caracassonne, it's easy to get caught up in the romanticism of a high school trip to Europe. History teacher Amy Holzman has partnered with WorldStrides to make this a reality and transport students to the winding streets of Italy, France and Spain.

Holzman in the past has traveled out of the country with family and friends, and said that she is excited to be able to share her knowledge and expertise with the 30 students she will be bringing with her.

"I'm excited to share these experiences with them," Holzman said. "I get to see it in a different perspective through the students eyes, since it will be their first time seeing many of the places. I've already seen a lot of these places, but seeing it with the students will be really neat."

Junior Kiera Thomas, who will be attending the week long rendezvous, said she looks forward to the opportunity to explore new countries.

"I expect to have a lot of fun," Thomas said. "I expect to learn a lot about the history and things that have happened there."

Holzman said that, as a history teacher, she's thrilled to have the opportunity to share with students such a fascinating part of western culture.

"I am really excited, and I think it will be very positive," Holzman said. "It will make history come alive, and not just one particular part of history but from a long time period. Rome is the center of history since the classical age, so it's exciting. I expect for the students to come back with a broader world experience. This all used to be the Roman Empire, and it has been influenced the whole time by Rome, so I want the students to come back with that knowledge."

The trip begins in Rome, and emphasizes the important historical and artistic achievements of the ancient Romans. As the students continue their travels though Italy and France, they'll also have the chance to visit the famed Monte Carlo Casino where they take a gourmet cooking class under a professional chef. As they traverse the European countryside, they'll see the well known Roman Aqueducts, finishing their tour in Barcelona.