Comic book writers make fellow Troopers' minds spiral

Local "Spiralmind" comic book writers, Benito Perez and Matt Rothblatt presented their personal stories and comics to Troopers at the library during first and second lunch on Dec. 2. The librarians organized this meet and greet to give students an insight into the comic book industry. They announced this event a week in advance and gave those who bought the $5 ticket, two slices of pizza, chips, a treat and a beverage along with a signed "Spiralmind" Issue 1 and poster.


Benito Perez and Matt Rothblatt

The main character is Ben Landry who is an electrical engineer that fights as "Spiralmind" with Rabbi Sol Rotblatt and a priest, Tom O'Brien. They fight demons, werewolves, zombies, vampires and they try to prepare the world for the return of the Nephilim which consists of Lucifer and fallen angels who feel that Earth is their Domain and want to eliminate all mankind.

Rothblatt said he believes that they need to get "Spiralmind" in the hands of readers, and sees events such as Comic Con as a great way to bring attention to "Spiralmind."

"We have to get "Spiralmind" in the hands of potential readers," Rothblatt said. "Comic Cons are the best, sometimes in store appearances with local comic book shops or school functions. One of our mottos is "ABPS" Always Be Pitching "Spiralmind," it's not good English but it works."

Librarian Ms. Trousdale said that she was overjoyed to be able to bring writers to Eastwood to encourage students who are interested in becoming writers.

"I'm excited, I think that we have a lot of students here at Eastwood that would be interested in having a career in creative writing and creating and designing their own comic book," Trousdale said. "So I'm excited for the information that they have to be shared with the students."

Rothblatt also said that he and Perez enjoy visiting schools to display "Spiralmind" to students.

"We love the idea of coming to schools and teaching high school students who want to become future artist, creators or writers," Rothblatt said.

Perez was inspired to create a comic book series when he didn't accomplish a proper grade for a test in college and he wanted a comic to cheer him up. Perez went to a local comic book store and as he was waiting, a little boy asked the owner of the shop how to create a comic book. While they were talking, Perez was inspired and called Rothblatt right away and spilled out the idea of creating a comic book together. Perez has had the idea of "Spiralmind" since he was young.

Information involving "Spiralmind" can be found at, and on twitter @ThatSpiralmind.