Drunk driver kills three Troopers outside Eastwood High school (simulated emergency)

PLEASE NOTE: This story is based on a "Shattered Dreams" simulated emergency.  No one was injured.

On Wednesday Nov. 9 around 11 a.m., near the intersection of Glemmway and Deby Lewis, senior Noah Gutierrez was driving under the influence while intoxicated when he crashed into a fellow Trooper's car, instantly killing the driver, senior Manny Hernandez. Seniors Triana Kennedy and Brandon Cataldi, who were also in the car, later died in local hospitals from injuries sustained from the crash.


Hernandez's Mother at the scene of the accident.

The first to arrive at the scene were the ambulance personnel followed by the police. They secured the scene by blocking out the streets and got to work on investigation. They began to tend to the victims and they immediately found Manny Hernandez had died from his injuries.


Quickly following the ambulance personnel, came Hernandez's mother. She ran to the scene and pleaded to the officers to let her see her boy. As the investigation was ongoing, this request was not immediately granted.


Meanwhile, Gutierrez, the driver of the vehicle, was being examined by officers as they suspected he was under the

Gutierrez being questioned by officers.

Gutierrez being questioned by officers.

influence. He was asked to preform the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test, the walk and turn test, which consists of nine steps counted out loud, and the one leg stand, which requires that the leg be raised six inches above and held for a count. After failing all three tests, Gutierrez was placed under arrest for DWI and intoxicated manslaughter.

Services for the victims are pending.