Swimming dives into a new season

n Oct. 14 at the Armijo swimming pool, the swim team competed at their first meet. The boys are striving for their 35th district title, and the girls are also hoping to sweep districts.

Junior Anthony Fraga said that swimming requires a lot of time, and that in order to succeed the whole team has to work hard to do well individually.

"Being in swimming is hard, you have to be dedicated, and most importantly you have to have a lot of potential to swim," Fraga. "The boys can be very competitive, and even though it is an individual sport it still takes a lot of team effort."

Sophomore Vivianna Herrera said that lately, the girls haven't been swimming as competitively as the boys, but she thinks this season they'll be able to work more cohesively as a team and do better than ever.

"The girls aren't as competitive as the guys and that's why  I think we struggle to place in districts, so I think its time for the girls to show the guys who's boss and be champions this year," Herrera said. "Swimming being an individual sport everyone is different, everyone does their own thing but we still  have to continue to push each other as if we were a team."

Fraga said that the since the boys team did well last year, he wants them to continue on the with the same level of excellence.

"Last year [the boys] got second in regional's but this year we are going strive for first and sweep the title," Fraga said.

Fraga said he's confident in his the team's ability, and he believes that with continued dedication they'll only get better.

"I truly believe that if we work hard enough and as a team we can blow everyone out of the water," Fraga said. " I am so proud of  my team and how far we have come and that we haven't stopped training to be on top."

Boys swimming will compete at the up coming Cathedral/Loretto invitational at the Armijo swimming pool on Friday Nov. 4 at 2:00 p.m. The girls team will compete the following Saturday at 8:00 a.m.