Eastwood honors scholars at lettering ceremony

On Monday night, Eastwood honored scholars with an academic lettering ceremony. Over 150 Troopers were honored at this year's ceremony, the majority of them receiving more than one award. Students were given awards in four categories: Top 20 GPAs per grade level, National Hispanic Scholars, AP Scholars, and National Commended Scholars.

Corrine Stovall, an Eastwood employee and attendee of the award ceremony said that this is a particularly special night for the community.

"The importance of any awards ceremony is to recognize all students who put forth great efforts and strive to be the very best they can be," Stovall said.

Besides recognizing the students, parent Cynthya Solis said that events of this nature often remind the students how the dedication of the people who surround them has helped them thrive.

"It's important to hold events like these not only for the community, but for the kids," Solis said. "Events like these inspire students. A lot of times these students have a village of family members, teachers, and counselors behind them. It is very much a joint effort."

Assistant Principal Marie, who orchestrated the celebration, said that Monday night's event was one of the most important nights of the year.

"In my opinion, academics is by far the most important thing on a campus," Anaya said. "Therefore students who do the best academically, should be honored."

Junior Ryan James Solis was overjoyed at Monday's ceremony as he believes academics is an essential piece of Eastwood's success as a whole.

"Eastwood is an academic institute, in fact the best academic institute in El Paso," Solis said. "That being said, it is incredibly important to honor these students' accomplishments and show [the city] the accomplishments that we've made as the Eastwood High School community."

Senior Noelle Trejo said that the ceremony was beautifully put together and that she deeply appreciates what Ms. Anaya has done.

"I'm really grateful for everything Ms. Anaya has done," Trejo said. "It was nice to recognize the students for all our hard work. I think that this is just another example of what makes Eastwood El Paso's Finest."