Speech and debate dominates competition at Americas high school

This past weekend,  the Speech and Debate team dominated their competition at Americas High School, placing first overall and winning sweepstakes. The students who competed placed in nearly every category. The finalists were as follows:

PF Debate: Ryan Solis, Aiden Lane, Regina Macias, Larry Rodriguez, Jacob Tullius, Jacob Molina

LD Debate: Leonardo Moraveg

Foreign Extemporaneous: Ryan Solis, Regina Macias, Leonardo Moraveg

Domestic Extemporaneous: Leonardo Moraveg, Ryan Solis, Regina Macias

Duet Acting: Jacob Tullius, Kiana Ramos

Humorous Interpretation: Jacob Tullius

Original Oratory: Jacob Tullius

Student Congress: Ryan Solis

The competition Saturday produced an array of emotions for the team. Junior Tobias Diaz said the competition made him both nervous and excited.

"The competition set an atmosphere that intrigued the best and worst traits of my anxiety," Diaz said. "It left me with a bliss of knowledge that's beyond extraordinary."

Saturday's victory and rush of emotion were  just the beginning for this year's team as they are preparing for a year filled with success and learning. Team veteran Ryan James Solis said that this will be the biggest year yet for his team.

"We won sweepstakes at almost every level last year," Solis said. "We've had success here at the local level, thankfully, but now we want to try and increase our sweepstakes wins at the state, and more importantly, the national levels."

The team was very content with their performance Saturday, but Solis said winning sweepstakes is only half the reward.

"We always try our hardest to be successful but more importantly, we have fun," Solis said.

Though the team is mainly comprised of upperclassmen, freshman Aiden Lane who competed Saturday, is up for the challenge and is excited about the upcoming year.

"I'm looking forward to this year with the team," Lane said. "It's really one of the places that I fit in with most and we welcome everyone."

The team competes again on October 21st and 22nd at Loretto Academy.