Final sprint for the presidency

With the presidential election right around the corner, students and staff have strong opinions following the third and final presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday, October 19.

Senior Micheal Perez was surprised at the third presidential debate and how the candidates handled themselves more professionally and got their points across. Perez said Clinton got the vote on this debate due to the points she was able to make and the topics that were discussed.

"It was nice to hear them actually talk about their issues and let each other speak," Perez said. "It was like a real presidential debate this time. From a technical standpoint, Clinton probably got the most support, and she gave more details as to what her plans are as president."

Perez said that Trump is missing key elements to winning this presidential election, which include being able to attract the right group of people and knowing how to talk about important topics.

"Trump lacks the skill, the diplomacy to speak on highly controversial topics without offending people or without getting the support from everybody," Perez said. "His polarity as a candidate is going to hurt him in the long run."

Mock Trial Coach Luisa Del Villar said that she was at first hopeful for a professional debate, but that it unfortunately ended with the usual pattern of thoughtlessness.

"Surprisingly, it looked more like what an actual presidential debate should look like and how they should conduct themselves," Del Villar said. "However, it got to the point where it went back to how it was in the first two debates, a lot of blaming and going back and forth."

Del Villar said that having the most education and knowledge about being in office would obviously help Hillary win the presidential debates, and, moreover, the presidential election.

"With Hillary having 30 years of experience, I feel she's won the debates because she knows what she wants to do and is a lot more serious and professional," Del Villar said.

Debate Coach Laura Herrera said that Clinton is obviously better prepared, however Trump's performance does show improvement.

"Hillary is more mature as an individual, she has more content, and credibility, but Trump did do better than he has before," Herrera said.

As far as debate technique goes, Herrera said that the recent presidential debates have not been helpful to her teaching.

"As a debate teacher, it's just frustrating because I don't think the debates have been very productive or efficient to any of us," Herrera said.

Herrera said that the candidates don't get their points across and watching these debates in class isn't very helpful to what she's trying to teach her students.

"They don't answer the questions or are very prepared, and I'm trying to teach my students how to be credible and cite your sources," Herrera said. "I want my students to know what they're doing, and do it the right way."

Early voting begins Monday, October 24 and ends November 4. The final day to vote will be Tuesday, November 8.