Eastwood prepares to reap the benefits of 2015 bond

In summer 2017, the walls of Eastwood will  fall to make room for a brand new, modernized building. The bond that made this new building possible was approved by the community last school year.

Senior Madeline Garcia said that the new school is much needed, and that despite the history behind the current building, it has its flaws.

"We need a new school because with our current building, there is always something wrong," Garcia said. "The building is falling apart. It is time for a new school."

Because this updated building is so needed, construction will begin as soon as possible. Principal Armenia Smith said that the construction should be completed in two and a half years.

"Construction on the new building will begin this June and is expected to be completed in 30 months," Smith said. "The class of 2020 will be the first graduating class of the new Eastwood."

Since the current building will fall this June, many students have begun to ask where they will be relocated. Though students won't be in the old building, learning will continue take place on campus as classes for grades 10-12 (freshman will remain at Eastwood middle School) will be held in portables until part of the school is complete.

"Part of the building will be done a year after construction begins," Smith said. " At that point some of the portables will go away and we'll start using the new building. There is really just one year where students will be completely in portables with the fine arts building and field."

Though the physical building will be a distant memory in the coming months, students and the Eastwood community agree that the traditions of Eastwood will live on no matter what the school looks like.

"The Eastwood community will band together with the help of alumni too keep traditions alive" Garcia said. "The Eastwood community defiantly deserves a new building - especially since we are El Paso's Finest. With the new building, we can be even better."