Art club: a fresh canvas

The strong smell of paint, the sound of pencil lead rubbing against paper, and the abundance of color: these elements all come together in creating the vibrant, intricate pieces made by each student participating in Art Club.

The beginning of the school year means a blank canvas for the incoming and returning members of this year's art club. President Margaret Cataldi said that she is hoping to expand the art club this year.

"My goal is to get as many people involved as possible and to make the club grow," Cataldi said.

As the top officer, Cataldi understands the responsibility that comes with the job, and is ready to tackle the school year.

"I definitely need to be on top of the ball at all times and be really organized in planning events we can go to as a club," Cataldi said.

Historian Gabriel Loya wants to promote the club as much as possible to help others express their passion for art.

"I want to bring exposure to the art club," Loya said. "It's a place where people are able to enhance their creativity, and it's a lot of fun."

Vice President Esteban Beltran said he is part of the art club to have fun and is excited to lead his peers this year.

"I take over when the president isn't there," said Beltran. " Since we are sculpting at the moment, there isn't much to do but as the year progresses the work load will increase for the officers."

Art club officers were elected at the first meeting of the year and are as follows:

Margaret Cataldi - President

Esteban Beltran - Vice President

Lillian Rosado - Secretary

Gabriel Loya - Historian

Miguel Escobedo - Treasurer

Cataldi said that art club provides members with a meaningful way to interact with people in the community, and that it's great way to have fun.

"My favorite event is probably trooper treat. All of my friends showed up to paint faces," said Cataldi." We had a really good time. It was really nice to see how the children were amazed at what we could do and it was really just the simplest design."

The art club meets every Tuesday after school in Angelica Quillin's room, 212.