Worth the wait? Troopers chime in on recently re-opened San Jacinto Plaza

El Pasoans have anticipated the opening of the San Jacinto Plaza since the announcement of its renovation in the spring of 2013, and public patience has grown thin. After three years of delays, the city of El Paso can finally say that the wait is over. As of April 17th, the park was officially reopened to the public. Four months after the reopening, the question must be asked, was the wait worth it?

Senior Venice Redman said that the reopening has greatly benefited the city, and that it has increased foot traffic downtown.

"It has really helped bring people downtown not only to sight-see, but to also have fun at the new attractions as well," Redman said. "It has been a wonderful new addition to the city."

However, as with many city projects, there are always different perspectives from the public. Senior Annette Correa said that as much as she likes the plaza, the problems surrounding its construction outweighed the perks.

"I think they took a really long time constructing something that could have been done much faster," Correa said. "The Plaza is definitely cute, but I also think that the amount of money used for the renovation could have been used for much more practical city needs."

In the four short months since the re-opening, the plaza has seen the likes of community gatherings, music festivals and other events that have made it financially profitable for the city.

Class of 2016 graduate Carlos Arellano said that the new attracion has made El Paso into a city that the locals can be proud of.

"It's blooming into a city that people are genuinely excited to live in, and San Jacinto Plaza is playing a large role in that,"Arellano said. "From the architecture to the general atmosphere, it allows people to experience what El Paso is all about: community!"

In the end, it will be the people of El Paso that determine the success of San Jacinto Plaza, which is located at W Mills Ave,  El Paso, TX 79901, and it is open from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.