Sarah Baker Serves Her Way to Scholarship

Every day for the past four years, one girl has been out on the tennis courts, working her way to the top of Eastwood's tennis team. On Friday, May 13, all that hard work finally paid off.

At a ceremony surrounded by teammates, friends, and family, tennis captain Sarah Baker officially signed with Sul Ross University to continue her tennis career.

Baker said she feels very proud of what she has accomplished, and reminisced upon the long road to the top.

"I started playing tennis seriously in 7th grade, but I never considered playing in college until recently."  Baker said. "I won a match against the Franklin tennis team, a team that I had never been able to beat before. It was then I decided I might be good enough to play in college."

Tennis coach Stan Anderson believes that she will perform at a very high level while there.

"She has an amazing work ethic, something many college athletes cannot boast about, and she seems to gain more confidence in herself and her abilities each year, so I truly believe she's going to do big things," Anderson said.

Baker feels pressured to do well, but is eager to begin her college career at Sul Ross University.

"I feel a little bit of pressure to live up to the hype, and also because I'm hoping to make the Sul Ross team a recognized one again, but overall I'm excited." Baker said. "I love the campus. It's very small, intimate, and everyone is very friendly."

Anderson believes that her character will be the key to her success.

"When I first met her, she was so quiet." Baker said. "Now she's grown into this confident young woman, and there's only room to grow more. She's a leader now, and she will only continue to be a leader. That's why she'll succeed."