Yearbook assembly starts countdown to graduation

On May 25, in the Bob Lesley gym, seniors began the day with a class breakfast to commence the start of the annual yearbook assembly. The assembly consisted of exciting performances, awards, and, most importantly, the revealing of the yearbook. All seniors wore their blue gowns to show how their days are numbered between now and graduation.

The most prestigious awards given that day were Mr. and Mrs. Blue and Gold. This award is given to the most hard working, humble, and determined students from class of 2016. These students have showed a consistent passion for their academics, hobbies, classmates, and teachers throughout their high school experience.IMG_1947

Mr. Blue and Gold, Carlos Arellano, is always active in school and motivated to help his faculty and classmates at any time of the day.

"I think it's a huge honor," Arellano said. "To represent such an amazing school and community in this way is sureal. I'm definitely blessed!"

IMG_1955Mrs. Blue and Gold, Dianeliz Tirado, never thought of herself as one to stand out from the others in her class.

"It kind of caught me by surprise because I really didn't think that I would win it.," Tirado said. "It made me really happy to see that the faculty chose me and see me as an exceptional student. It was very special. I always thought I just blended in with the student body but it was amazing to see that, to them, I really stood out."

The rest of the class of 2016 saw this day as a reflection of their entire high school experience.

Through all the exciting football games, practices and pep rallies, senior Marla Noriega has enjoyed her senior year as a part of the varsity cheer team.

"My last Eastwood performance was bittersweet," said Noriega. "I expected a little more reaction from the crowd but the fact that I got to perform doing what I love for one last time was really heartwarming."

Aside from performing for the last time in front of the student body, Noriega also enjoyed the rest of the entertaining aspects of the assembly.

"It was really original how student council set up a fun senior game for one free yearbook," said Noriega. " All performing groups did really well and they just sets the bar high for next years groups."

Senior Diego Britton was in awe after the senior assembly brought him to the realization of how little time he has left at Eastwood High.

"I was in disbelief because all your life you never think this day will come but its actually here now." Britton said. "It's really bittersweet,  knowing that you won't ever see these people again."

We bid the class of 2016 farewell as they open the next chapter of their lives.