NHS Inductions: a new chapter

Scholarship, leadership, service and character are the core values that each student in the next chapter of the National Honor Society must uphold in order to maintain their positions as "El Paso's finest".

Students strive to accomplish this goal all year. Requirements, including grades, attendance and community service projects had to be met by the new inductees.

NHS secretary Christina Lopez has been a part of this prestigious group for two years. She has dedicated her time and energy into organizing events for the members in order to help better the community.

"We mainly focus community service projects, each month the officers put together a list of project that the members can participate in," Lopez said. "Some are volunteer opportunities while others are collecting donations from the community."

This organization does not only help benefit others but it also benefits the members in becoming better people. She said that NHS has helped better her as a person.

"As a student, NHS has helped me manage my time and keep me focused on my academics," Lopez said. "As a person, I have developed a love for helping others in the community that I will continue to do beyond high school."

As Lopez begins her journey outside of high school, she hopes that the legacy this year's NHS group has left behind lives on.

"I hope the incoming members and officers continue to be dedicated to NHS and have a genuine love for helping others," Lopez said. "I don't want them to do it for their own benefit but for the benefit of others."

NHS inductions were held on May 7th, 2016 in the Ysleta Independent School District Cultural Arts Center.

Senior Inductees: Natalie Benitez, Amanda Acosta, Denisse Valley Castaneda, Olivia Floes, Ashley Gilbertson, Brandi A. Hernandez, Peyton Keeth, Ovalles Heber, Amanda Ramirez

Junior Inductees: Alec Contreras, Madison Andujo, Vianna Astorga, Yasmin Basurto, Leann Chacon, Annette Correa, Mia Cueto, Amaris Duarte, Bethany Duarte, Aaliyah Evans, Steven Flores, Juan Garcia, Alexandria Gomez, Kimberly Gomez, Benjamin Guerrero, Samantha Gutierrez, Ysabel Gutierrez, Alyssa Humphreys, Monica Juarez, Alondra Lopez, Alec Lozano, Rayan Miranda, Susan Moore, Alejando Najar, Jacob Ochoa, Venice Redman, Alyssa Ryan Yazmin Sandoval Andy Santos, Ana Sofia Simental, Joleen Solis

Sophomore Inductees: Carina Armendariz, Kayla Etter, Sergio Ruiz, Emily Acosta, Marissa Amato, Joshua Arteaga, Kaitlyn Bradham, Kayla Carvalho, Cynthia Chester, Catalina Chinolla, Cristobal Chinolla, Chung Jiwon, Abigail Castllo, Alan Corral, Megan Custer, Alejandro Delgadillo, Quinton Ditmore, Jiana Duran, Ysatis Duran-Ocegueda, Liliana Fernandez, Brittney Fierro, Franic Font, Anthony Fraga, Derek Gamboa, Michael Gamez, Viviana Gardea, Amber Gomez, Anyssa Gomez, Bronte Guinn-De La Rosa, Elen Guinn-De La Rosa, Christopher Gutierrez, Nora Gutierrez, Diego Hernandez, Francis Hernandez, CHristopher Hulbert, Spenser Ianniello, Leslye Ibarra, Kyle Jacquez, Isaiah Jimenez, Justin Jimenez, Noah Jimenez, Annie Johnson, Sabrina King, Andrew Lowrance, Giovani Leon, Crystal Licon, Samantha Lucero, Victoria Luna, Hannah Lyon, Alejandro Martinez, Elizabeth Mendoza, Andrea Meraz, Ashley Mercado, Audra Miller, Maria Montoya, Jesus Moore, Briana Morales, Daniela Morales, Leonardo Moraveg, Ian Murphy, Nichole Nunez, Diana Orozco, Samantha Ortiz, Edwardo Pallares, Kobie Payan, Brian Ramirez, Francia Ramirez, Nicholas Randazzo, Melanie Realyvasquez, Richard Reyes, Brianna Rivas, Madison Saenz, Joseph Salas, Justine Sandoval, Christian Sermeno, Christopher Sydnie Smith, Isabella Solis, Michael Solis, RyanJames Solis, Damian Soto, Keira Thomas, Paulina Torres, Viani Valdez-Ramirez, Adam Wallace, Jacqueline Zuloaga