"Here come the Trooperettes!" Spring trip to NYC

The countdown is on as the Trooperettes eagerly await their Spring trip to New York City with Educational Performance Tours on May 21-24.

For many girls, like senior Kourtney Kottmann, this trip will fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting NYC.

"I've always wanted to go to New York," Kottmann said. "Going with my team just makes it that much more exciting."

The team is ready to hit the Big Apple, especially since they have not traveled for the last four years. Their itinerary includes attending Aladdin on Broadway, visiting Ellis Island, taking a Broadway dance class, dining at the renowned Ellen's Stardust Diner, and even performing at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

The idea of taking the trip was first announced to the team in May 2015, and became reality in October of last year. Senior Taylor Sanchez is ecstatic about the trip, because she did not think it would actually happen.

"I had convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen so that I wouldn't get too excited," Sanchez said. "Now that it is happening, I can't wait. It almost seems too good to be true, and it's the perfect way to wrap up my Trooperette experience."

The cost of the trip, amounting to nearly $1,400 was daunting at first, but many of the 28 traveling girls took to creative fundraising methods to make up the cost. Kottmann made a quilt out of her old Eastwood T-shirts and raffled it, making a profit of over $500. Junior Destiny Vargas sold hand designed mugs for $1o a piece making a profit of almost $300, with orders still pending. For the team as a whole, Director Ursula Casas held many different fundraisers that the girls could take part in, including selling Butter Braid bread and Mary Kay cosmetics. Junior Kayla Carvalho went above and beyond, participating in every fundraiser offered to the team, and made a profit of $1000. Others, including freshman Analys Negron and junior Briana Salais, also fund raised more than half of their cost through various fundraisers.

Preparation by the team for the 4 day trip has taken months, including practicing for their performance. The team will dance to the official New York Yankees theme song, "Here Come the Yankees," choreographed by the three traveling senior officers, Christina Lopez, Kourtney Kottmann, and Taylor Sanchez. The performance will feature all 28 of the girls traveling, who will be sporting custom Easwood Trooperette baseball jerseys. The dance is choreographed with the inclusion of a baseball bat as a prop. With all of the pieces falling into place, Sanchez hopes the performance is successful and that the team leaves a good impression on the city.

"Performing in New York City, of all places, is a once in a lifetime opportunity," Sanchez said. "The dance has a very Rockette feel to it, so I hope it's accepted well by the audience."

Casas is ecstatic about the trip and the opportunities that it holds for her aspiring dance team.

"I'm very excited about the trip," Casas said. "I think it is a perfect trip for young dancers to take; it is well rounded with historical sites, cultural events and dance opportunities. The girls are all super excited and so am I."