Saltatrix slay at Tremaine

After long hours of lunch, after school, and weekend practices, all their hard work pays off as the seventeen girls in Saltatrix danced their way on to the Tremaine Dance competition stage in Los Angeles, California.

Starting April 2nd, the girls attended a three day convention full of dance intensives from top dance industry choreographers. On those days, they also competed against many LA studios and dancers.

Sophomore Carina Armendariz, has been apart of the dance team for two years, and she takes competition season very seriously.

"When competition season begins, it means that all the girls have to come together so we can do the best that we have all year." Armendariz said. "Tremaine has the best professional dancers, studios and choreographers in the industry. This trip is where we prove ourselves to the other teams and to our city. There are a little over 200 dancers so its intimidating but we always manage with great scores because of our confidence and passion."

Armendariz says her teammates also take this time of year very seriously in terms of individual training.

"Aside from looking good on stage as a team, all the girls also train themselves individually by developing new tricks and skills to add into our dances." Armendariz said. "These tricks help our dances in ways that make them more competitive when we compete against LA pieces who have been revised professionals."

Being a senior, leader Isabela Gamboa said that she is proud to call this her last dance at the Tremaine competitions.

"Its very bittersweet to know that after four long years, my last dance at Tremaine was worth it." Gamboa said. "It's not hard to compete when you love what you do."

Junior Aaliyah Evans said that for her, dancing is more than just an individual experience.

"When it comes down to it, being with this beautiful team means that you're a part of something bigger and better than yourself,"  Evans said.

Saltatrix's last recital of the year will be on May 7th and 8th in the Eastwood theater. The scores for the Tremaine competitions are as seen below:

Team: With a total of 4 trophies as a team, they placed third in jazz, hip-hop, and musical theater. The last trophy was a second place title in their ballet number.

Solos: With a total of 2 trophies, Carina Licon, Isabela Gamboa, Amarette Alvarado, and Hannah Frank all competed in the solo competitions. Gamboa placed first in her senior hip-hop category while Frank placed first in the senior ballet.



Duos: With a total of 2 trophies, Juniors Aaliyah Evens and Victoria Norwood placed 3rd in their hip-hop duo, while sophomores Carina Armendariz and Sarah Licon placed 1st in the same category.Aaliyah Evans and Victoria Norwood