Four boys advance to state swim meet

On February 19 and 20, four male swimmers qualified for one relay and three individual events. Coach Manny Gardea, said that the overall meet for the four boys, senior Jacob Allard, juniors Thomas O'Beirne and Manny Hernandez, and sophomore Omar Torres, went great.

"The boys went into this meet tapered, shaved and well rested," Gardea said. "All the work they put in from the beginning of the year showed. Its great to see that it stuck with them. That's why these four have gotten to where they have this year."

Allard, returning state qualifier, swam the 100 at a time of 52.41 seconds, placing 13th. In the 400 relay Allard led the team with a 48.23, ending with the fastest time on the relay.

Torres placed second at the regional meet two weeks prior to the state meet in the 100 back stroke. He swam in the 400 relay with the three other swimmers, as well as Hernandez, who placed second at regionals in the 200 and 500 free style. Both boys hit 49.66 and 49.87, respectively.

Hernandez placed 2nd, behind O'Beirne, in the 200 and 500 freestyle at the regional meet. He was seeded in the relay, and hit a 49.46.

O'beirne swam the 200, 500 and 400 freestyle relay. In his 200 he hit a 1.43.83 and in the 500, a 4.44. He is proud of his performance but is motivated to do better in the future.

"I'm glad everything went the way it did, but there is till room for improvement," O'Beirne said. "Its crazy to think that even state is super competitive."

O'bierne swam in the relay as well, hitting a time of 49.70.

Gardea is enthusiastic about this season's successes and excited for what the future holds.

"There is going to be plenty of learning next year," Gardea said. "This year has given me lessons that can benefit the whole team. Overall, the guys did amazing at this meet and they all benefited from the trip."