Class of 2018 experiences growing pains

The class of 2018  has had a rough year and a half. Currently struggling with low student participation rates and internal dilemmas, the sophomore class is looking to turn over a new leaf.

Class of 2018 Sponsor Cindy Magaña, said that the biggest issue that needs to be addressed is the connection between the class and its representatives.

"There's a lack of communication between officers and students," Magaña said. "This results in a lack of participation from the class."

Former Class President Madison Warden said that the present issues aren't just from this year, but stem from issues they were unable to overcome as freshmen.

"While we were freshmen we didn't grow to where we needed to," Warden said. "Right now we can't fully engage in normal class events, such as the class competitions at the pep rallies."

Warden said that the sophomore class has leadership difficulties that have made it hard to bring any plans into fruition.

"I think that the class of 2018 has a lot of individual leaders," Warden said, "but as a whole has a problem unifying over the issues that have arisen."

Warden does believe however, that Magaña is doing everything she can to benefit the class.

"I think that the sponsor right now is doing the best job that she can with the cards that she has been dealt." Warden said.

Magaña said that as the sponsor she is there to help, but the students need to be responsible for bringing new designs and concepts to the meetings.

"It's the Class of 2018. I'm here to help facilitate their journey in anyway that I can," Magaña said, "but the students need to be more proactive and find out what is being discussed in meetings and presenting their own ideas."

Sophomore Gabriel Loya said that his class is crippled by a lack of action and communication.

"The sophomore class just seems to have issues getting anything done." Loya said. "There is a wide gap between what the officers are doing and what the class as a whole wants."

Class President Christopher Hulburt said that a lot of the sophomores are keen to bring up the issues but few are willing to work for the benefit of the class.

"It's easy to complain about what's going wrong rather then fixing the issues." Hulburt said.

Hulburt said that the class of 2018 is already on the upswing, and he expects things to only improve.

"I think that within the next semester things will look up," Hulburt said. "There are a lot of things we're going to start doing for the sophomore class."