Theater presents "Leading Ladies"

Comically and ambitiously, Eastwood theater took the stage to perform their play, "Leading Ladies". It was filled to the brim with laughter, drama and heartfelt moments. This play took place in November in the Eastwood High School theater.

Play Director Larissa Rollins was very proud of the performance given by her students and everyone involved.

"When something looks really easy, it's because people work really hard to make it look that way." Rollins said. "My favorite part of directing this group of students overall was seeing them on the first day and watching them grow as actors."

Many of the actors and crew were first year members that were putting on their first play. The thrill of performing was a new feeling to lead actress Diana Martell.

"I think it went really well considering it was my first play," Martell said. "I got a lot of positive feedback, not just about myself but about everyone else and the cast as a whole. I absolutely loved it, it was way better than I expected it to be. All the energy that was put into it just made it amazing."

Alyssa Tellez, who played Audrey in the show, said that she loved her part. Although this is not her first time starring in a play, Tellez was apprehensive about her role as Audrey. She was also part of the musical "In the Heights", performed by musical theater in 2015 .

"I think it went really well, we put a lot of work into the show." Tellez said. "You don't really feel it when you're rehearsing, but once you hit the stage and you hear the audience and how they respond to you its a really cool feeling. I feel like we did really well."

Theater will be performing their musical "Nine to Five" in spring of 2016.