Fall Fire: Eastwood dancers represent at annual district dance recital

With fall coming to a close, Ysleta dancers performed at the Central Office stage in their annual Fall Fire Dance Recital on November 19, 2015. Every dance team participating in the event donates winter clothing to families that are in need. The 11th annual Fall Fire, formerly known as Winter Meltdown, was a great success for Ysleta School District's hard working dancers. Leaders from each performing group in the district are chosen to represent their schools in the recital.

Isabella Gamboa was one of the dancers representing Saltatrix this year. She said that she has enjoyed the past four years that she has been involved in the recital.

"I liked being able to participate in the event with all the other high school dancers that contributed to a local charity." said Gamboa.

Isabel Lopez, Bel Air Mu Delta Chi dancer, has been an part of this event for several years. She loves contributing in the donation process at Fall Fire.

"I like being able to collect all the winter clothing for anyone who needs it." said Isabel Lopez. "It was a good feeling to know we helped to keep someone warm this season."

Gamboa enjoyed being a part of the performance this year.

"It was an amazing experience." said Gamboa. "I was able to perform with so many talented dancers and had a phenomenal choreographer."

She said that she is going to miss the amazing opportunities that Ysleta's dance program has to offer.

"I'm so fortunate to have had the experience to be a part of such a great program." said Gamboa. "I don't think any other school district in El Paso supports the art of dance the way Ysleta does."

Freshman Saltatrix member Annette Miranda said that she had fun performing alongside the other high school dancers for the first time.

"It was very entertaining watching all the talent from the other schools." said Miranda. "Ysleta dancers are very versatile and their passion is evident when they are on the stage."

Ammarette Alvarado, another Saltatrix representative said that she loved the energy and support all the dance teams gave each other.

"All the teams were so supportive of one another." said Alvarado. "The dance community in the Ysleta District consist of such hardworking and dedicated dancers."

The burning passion Ysleta dancers have will leave a lasting effect on every school district in El Paso.