Senior All-Star game: One last day on the field

After years of dedication and hard work, six senior football players and three senior student athletic trainers got chosen to represent their school in the All-Star football game.

Quarterback Mark Torrez, wide receivers Richie Rodriguez and Erin Portillo, running back Manny Acosta, left guard Robert Walker, and center Adrian Quiroz will be playing on the West-side team. Athletic trainers Christen Campos, André Borrego, and Alyssa Hernandez will be training the game.

"The coaches made a decision by choosing the most dedicated people in the program," said Borrego.

Torrez was honored to be among the ones chosen to participate.

"It was a good feeling because I always watched the players before me and now to be a part of it is really cool," said Torrez.

The boys will be on a team with people from Canutillo, Franklin, Coronado, and other west side schools.

"It's a great group of guys," said Quiroz, "we're all the best of our schools so it's really an honor to extend my brotherhood to them."

This game gives the senior players an opportunity to play high school football one last time.

"It means four more quarters," Walker said, "We get another chance to play and it's just something that really makes you feel good."

The football game will be the final time that the trainers and football players will be together on the field.

"Some of my closest friends I've made through training and it's great to be with them and watching them for the last time," said Campos.

As football comes to an end, the players are both excited to move forward and sad that it's finally over.

"It's definitely a sad moment but I think we had a good ride while it lasted and hopefully this is a good parting ways," Torrez said.

Go support your Eastwood Troopers at the All-Star game Saturday, December 19, 2015 at the UTEP Sunbowl.