35 Years of service with a smile; Debbie Sanchez to retire at semester's end


"Teachers are to inspire; librarians are to fulfill." -Ray Bradbury

For the last seven years of her 35-year-career, Debbie Sanchez has kept a watchful eye over the library as our cherished librarian. Her unwavering patience and kindness has rubbed off on students and teachers alike as she shares her wisdom with a smile that never seems to end. Regardless of the request, Mrs. Sanchez always strives to fulfill it to the best of her ability. As she enters her retirement, Eastwood High wishes her good luck and congratulations on this next chapter in her life.

U.S. History teacher David Ayala shares his deeply felt gratitude for her guiding hand in his teaching career and personal character.

"I have felt very comfortable going into the library." Ayala said. "She just reminds me of why we're here. Her big thing is 'we're here to help'. She taught me to show kindness because kindness is contagious. Her acts of kindness towards me inspired me to work on my kindness, too. The campus just benefits from having people like her that care.”

He also said that she welcomed everyone with open arms, transforming the library into a place that feels like home away from home.

"The library is a place where people feel welcome, and students feel confident going in." Ayala said. "Our library is not a quiet, hushed type of environment, there’s always something going on. I hope it continues to be that way."

Students are also influenced by Mrs. Sanchez's  friendly nature. Junior Amanda Guevara said that she feels like Mrs. Sanchez is family.

"I feel that she impacted me a lot because she's like my second mom. I will miss her dearly." Guevara said.

Library aide Marissa Carrillo speaks to Mrs. Sanchez's character and how it affected her personally in the three years working with her.

"No matter how good or bad or ugly someone talks to her," Carrillo said. "she always has a smile on her face. She's so friendly and it has taught me that I can confront anything with a smile."

Carillo also comments on how Mrs. Sanchez changed the library itself.

"I have heard so many people say how she completely transformed the library." Carrillo said. "I think she's leaving behind a really good foundation for the next librarian."

Mrs. Sanchez has also been an inspiration to students who have decided to follow her into the education profession.

Claudia Mendoza, English teacher, recalls her influence during her middle school years.

"Mrs. Sanchez, then a kindergarten teacher, started a big brother/big sister program at Eastwood Knolls when I was an 8th grader, and that had a huge impact on me," Mendoza said.  "It made me feel very special to learn that I could make a difference in the life of another person."

Mendoza also recognizes the difference Mrs. Sanchez has made in her adult life.

"Years later, when I started teaching here, I walked into the library and she recognized me immediately, and that made me feel very special," Mendoza said.  "I love how she puts on the Salsa Contest; she is always looking for ways for people to come together."

It is that sense of the library as an inviting, lively place that Ms. Sanchez has brought to Eastwood, along with a warm smile, not to mention the singing voice, that we will miss most of all.