Feminist Club: A fresh start

Last year's Feminist Club was a hit among students. Their meetings were always full of people that were eager to expand their knowledge about the feminist movement and its beliefs.

President Lauren Sermeno and Vice President Chance Mace say that they're ready for this years upcoming events. The Feminist Club this year has spoken to the student board in hopes of finding an approved sponsor.

"All we ask for in a sponsor is that he/she completely understands what this club is all about." Mace said.

Despite their lack of a sponsor, Sermeno said that she is proud of what the feminist club has become.

"Last year when I started this club with Chance's sister, I would have never thought it would be this big. Other schools have asked us about our club and what they have to do to start one at their school." Sermeno said.

Mace said that the feminist club is a place to educate students and discuss issues prominent in feminism.

"We teach the members about body shaming, wage gap, history on women rights and much more." Mace said.

Sermeno and Mace's goal this year is to increase the number of students who are involved in the club and give more in depth lectures.

"Last year consisted of about thirty to forty students during each meeting, which is great, but if we can get more students to attend that would be even better." Mace said.

Sermeno said that she feels that the feminist club has made an impact on all the students.

"We want the students to leave with a better understanding and truly recognize what this club is trying to archive." Semeno said. "They also grow as an individual because of how much we want them to be informed."

The next meeting will be held as soon as possible and there will be announcements once the club finds a new sponsor.