Revisiting the Bond

On November 3, the voters of the Ysleta Independent School District convened and ultimately decided to pass the bond. This gave YISD the go-ahead to begin planning, and take the first few steps. Teachers and students at Eastwood awaited the big decision and are eager to see what's next.

Orchestra teacher Cindy Magaña remarked that she was looking forward to the new construction, but that everyone has to be willing to compromise.

"It's time for all of us to be patient and be flexible." Magaña said. "We've outgrown our building. At this point we really need to expand our facilities."

Magaña also said that she thinks it's important that the teachers' opinons are heard about their classroom needs.

"My hope is that they listen to the needs and concerns of the teachers and staff," Magaña said. "I think they'll try to give us the best facilities they can provide."

Senior Peyton Keeth believes that the students need to be the number one priority during the future construction.

"They need to think about all the students," Keeth said. "They are going to be at school while they're constructing the new building."

Sophomore Lili Rosado thinks that the bond is a good idea, but regrets the history and charm that will be lost.

"I think that it was needed a lot." Rosado said. "I just feel bad for the students who won't get to experience the old school."

Rosasdo said that in spite of the construction Eastwood will still remain El Paso's Finest.

"It's going to be harder to get to classes, but we still have great teachers and great students." Rosado said. "Eastwood will be fine."