Golf coach Kim Smith inducted into El Paso Golf Hall of Fame

Boys Golf Coach Kim Smith, was recently honored by receiving a position in the El Paso Golf Hall of Fame due to his many years of experience and dedication to the sport in the El Paso area. The ceremonial banquet for him and two other new members will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 17 at the Coronado Country Club.

The Hall of Fame itself was founded in 1983 and now holds 63 inductees including Lee Trevino, Paul Stankowski, Bill Eschenbrennar and their plaques are on display at the Lone Star Golf Club.

Kim Smith expresses his emotions towards his recent accomplishment of induction into the Hall of Fame.

"I was pleasantly surprised and honored." said Smith. "I had thought of who else should be inducted before me."

Smith explains everything that lead up to this accomplishment.

"For being a coach, a USGA committee member, and a Sun Country rules official." says Smith. "Those are the three things I was honored for."

Smith relates his motives as a golf coach and player.

"Nothing I have done has been for the ultimate gain of being honored because someone needs to do these things." Smith said.