Poll: Students tune into Trooper TV

With homecoming coming to a close, students describe some memorable highlights and key thoughts about the week's festivities.


Sonnie Acosta (Sophomore): "I'm really proud of how it all came together even though it was last minute for student council."


Salvador Valdez (Junior): "The burning of the E makes me feel one with my school. It is my favorite part of homecoming week it brings everyone together."


Clarissa Campos (Junior): "My favorite part was performing with Saltatrix for the first time ever at a football game, especially the homecoming game. It was amazing to see all the support from our school."


Jacquie Zuloaga (Sophomore): "My favorite part of homecoming week was the football game. The student section was fun because the cheers get me excited and make the game a lot of fun."


Annie Johnson (Sophomore): "My favorite part was the parade, our volleyball float was the Sundrop commercial theme and I loved our outfits. The Burning of the E made me feel very united with my school and friends."


Eric Cervantes (Junior): "The events during the week were my favorite, I enjoyed the performances at the Burning of the E and all the excitement."


Natalie Benitez (Senior): "Dancing to Neon Moon with my date, the cupcakes and seeing my friend Carina get crowned duchess."