Homecoming 2015: Time to watch Trooper TV

Starting on Septrember 21, students prepared for the traditional and exciting week of dress up days leading up to the homecoming celebrations. Every student was encouraged to participate in the following dress up days:
Monday 21st was Monday Madness. Students were be able to dress up and represent their favorite team sport, whether it’s National Football League (NFL), National Basketball League (NBA), or even Major League Baseball (MLB), every person could wear any of their sport's attire to show off.

Senior Ashley Hernandez said "Monday Madness is a good kickoff to homecoming. It's a tradition held here at Eastwood for years and my week is great so far."


Teacher Mr.Richard Castro said "I think homecoming is one of the most exciting weeks during our school year because all our students look forward to it it, especially for cartoon day tomorrow. We also won 1st place for the door decorating contest, so all my kids are very happy with that. Also one more thing; GO SPURS GO!"
Tuesday was Toon Tuesday and students were able to dress up as a fun and loveable cartoon character from a television show or an animated movie.

senior Alexa Tellez, junior Tricia Tellez and English teacher Pablo Martinez as the gang from Bob's Burgers

senior Alexa Tellez, junior Tricia Tellez and English teacher Pablo Martinez as the gang from Bob's Burgers

Teacher Pablo Martinez said "Bobs burgers is one of my favorite shows and I just love how Bob is always putting puns into his specical burger of the day; its classic."

Senior Alexa Tellez said "I really enjoyed dressing up and matching with my sister Tricia, but I just wished more students would of participated today, the whole school could of been filled with cartoon characters from many TV shows or movies."

sophomore Sabrina King dressed as the Queen of Hearts for homecoming week

sophomore Sabrina King dressed as the Queen of Hearts

Sophomore Sabrina King said "Its really fun to dress up and pretend to be a certain character. My friends and I wanted to all match together and Alice in Wonderland is a favorite movies of ours, so we decided that I would be Queen of Hearts and my other friends are Alice and The Chester cat."
Wednesday 23rd was Wild West Wednesday as teens were encouraged to wear western attire.


Senior Sophia Bryant said, "It was great to see everyone super excited and seeing everyone show some type of school spirit for all the days; it was also bittersweet to realize that this was my last homecoming and burning of the E, basically this whole week was amazing."


Senior Courtney Sherwood said " I like the whole country look because I believe it fits me the most, I'm also always listening to country music with my sister all the time since its both of our favorite genre style of music; seeing a lot of people dressed up country was pretty interesting too since I thought there would be less."

Thursday 24th was Trooper Thursday as students were encouraged to celebrate and show Trooper pride by wearing blue and gold; not only were students able to show off school colors but it led to the homecoming tradition of Burning of the “E”.

senior Bryanna Soto

senior Bryanna Soto

Senior Bryanna Soto said "The fourth day of homecoming has been really fun, I can see that the school has been more spirited this year, which can make it more exciting for the dance on Saturday." Soto said. "I'm in the parade this year for DECA, so its exciting to be apart of Burning of the E for my senior year."

Senior Kaila Berg

Senior Kaila Berg

"Seeing everyone dressed up in blue and gold was so amazing, its feels like it brings our whole school together and unties us as one." Senior Kaila Berg said. " Knowing that this my last homecoming was very emotional, it hadn't really hit me until I was surrounded by all of my closest friends enjoying that day for one last time."

Friday 25th is Fashion Friday as students are supposed to look out for the fashion police and dress to impress. Girls are also allowed to wear their traditional Texas mum and Boys can wear their garter; on Friday is the homecoming game against America’s followed by the TV inspired homecoming dance Saturday night.