Trooper volleyball rallies to continue their winning streak

On Friday, September 25, Troopers volleyball won against Montwood in a 3-1 game, scoring 15-25, 25-13,25-22, and 25-23 throughout the match. Reflecting on Friday's game they have evaluated what needs work, how they've improved, and what they're doing to ensure another winning week.

Head Coach Aaron Bajek remarks that the girls have taken the seasons hardships in stride, and that it served them especially well in Fridays game.

“The girls responded very well to adversity,” Bajek said. “We did end up losing the first set, so in a match of three out of five its tough to lose the first one and then comeback in and dominate the next two. We came back very powerful.”

Senior Lynzie Smith said that she expected more from the team in the first game, but she's proud the team came back after losing the first set.

"We weren't playing the way we should have been playing." Smith said. "When you're losing its hard to be positive. We picked up our defense in the last couple games, and had some crucial kills that in the end put us ahead."

Bajeck thought that the teams numerous capabilities were what really gave them the push they needed to win.

“We made significant runs in that match to put ourselves ahead, in a good position to take the match.” Bajeck said. “There was significant improvement in the ability of our team to sustain those runs.”

Sophomore Annie Johnson felt that the team had always had it in them to win.

"We had a lot of motivation," Johnson said. "We knew we could play better. We knew we could win."

Johnson thought that both teams brought a lot to the game, but that Eastwood had the drive and ambition to win.

"They hit really deep and they picked good spots," Johnson said. "Staying focused and making sure you're watching every play and focusing on what you can do to help the team improve really set Eastwood's game apart."

Smith remarked that everyone had a lot riding on the outcome of this game.

"We're looking to get a spot in playoffs so we had to beat them." Smith said.

Bajek said that the team is already looking at what they can do to be better at this week's game.

“You have to prepare for your next opponent,” Bajek said. “We stop focusing on last weeks game and move onto the next one.”

Johnson said that certain parts of the game are out of their control, but everyone wants to do better.

"In each game we'll do good in one area and not that well in another," Johnson said. "Our practices are more intense than usual, we're working hard."

Smith agrees that the team is more excited then ever to play again.

"Everyone works really hard," Smith said. "We're all there for a common goal to get better."

The next game is on October 2nd at Franklin High School. The Troopers hope to see all their hard work pay off.